Actor Burt Ward Talks to Ellen About Gentle Giants Dog Food onThe Ellen Show 2019

Burt Ward Stops by to Talk ​About ‘Gentle Giants’

​Actor Burt Ward, best known for playing Robin in the 1960s "Batman" TV series, was praised by Ellen for his amazing efforts in rescuing dogs. Through his Gentle Giants Rescues and Adoptions organization, Burt and his wife have saved 15,000 dogs, and created a dog food line that doubles and sometimes triples a dog's lifespan.

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I have been using this dog food since I first learned about it, I have one dog who lived to be 18 years old eating this food and she never went to the vet only for her shots. My male lived to be 14 years old and never went to the vet only for his shots. I truly believe in this brand of dog food. We used every expensive grain free and corn free food, but this seems to be at the top of the list

I will buy this until they no longer make it no matter how much it costs. It is cheaper than vet bills for poor health.

My German Shepherd, Big Rig, Lived To Be 23 Years Old

My German Shepherd, Big Rig, lived to be 23 years old thanks to your wonderful dog and puppy food and he never had any health problems.

Thanks Burt!

Tim Olson

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